Portrait 1-Artist-Anette Schrage

Welcome to my website!

Here is some information about my art and myself.

As a mixed-media artist I mostly work with photography, digital art, painting and collage. My artistic focus is on portraying human emotions and creating an emotional connection between the persona and the space around it. With my work I’m exploring the way we, as emotional beings, shape our surroundings and vice versa.

My mixed-media portraits have a strong narrative aspect. They tell visual stories which are meant to touch and engage you as the viewer, leaving room for your personal interpretation. These multi-layered images show people being absorbed by their emotions or lost in their dreams which seem to take them into the space around them.

My digital-art images create mystical, dreamlike scenarios, aiming to awake emotions and telling stories that you are invited to complete in your own imagination, thus becoming part of the story.

Other works include collages, abstracts and encaustic paintings as well as some wood art. The creative process is an important focus of my work and I often improvise and let the piece take me where it wants to go. I greatly enjoy making new discoveries along the way.

Please feel free to get in touch with me with your comments, questions or inquiries by using the email form under “Contact”. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Cheers! Anette Schrage

My background: Born in Germany, I have also lived in Spain and Southern California before moving to Saltspring Island, Canada, in 2012. As a communications expert and former agency co-owner I developed and executed numerous campaigns for international brands, leading the creative process from concept and first scribble to final art work and implementation. Today I enjoy taking my creative energy into art, working on my personal artistic visions.

Shows & Exhibitions

  • 2020   Photosynthesis Virtual Show 2020, Saltspring Island, BC
  • 2020   Sooke Fine Art Show, Juried Selection, Sooke, BC
  • 2019    Draw the Line Art Collective, Group Show, Fulford Hall, Saltspring Island, BC
  • 2019    Salt Spring Photofest, Photosynthesis, Group Show, Artspring, Saltspring Island, BC
  • 2019    Faces, Draw the Line Art Collective, Group Show, Saltspring Island Public Library
  • 2017    Painters Guild 45th Art Show, Group Show, Mahon Hall, Saltspring Island, BC
  • 2017    Sooke Fine Art Show, Juried Selection, Sooke, BC
  • 2016    Tossed & Found II, Juried Selection, Salt Spring Gallery, Saltspring Island, BC
  • 2015    Kismet Galleria, Group Show, Saltspring Island, BC
  • 2015    Here’s Looking at You, Juried Selection, Artspring, Saltspring Island, BC
  • 2014    Even Cheaper Art Show, Juried Selection, Artbarn Intern., Saltspring Island, BC